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The studio is owned and operated by King Diamond guitarist Andy La Rocque in the city of Varberg which is located 40 minutes south of Gothenburg, on the west coast of Sweden. The facilities include two separate studios: main studio and control room + smaller overdub room and 2:nd control room where our clients can work parallel with the main studio. Small kitchen, shower and overnight facilities is also available. The studio is located only minutes away from the city centre of Varberg, trainstation, restaurants, pubs, bars and great beaches. Fore information about pricing, overnight facilities etc please contact us.
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The facilities include 2 separate studios: main studio and controlroom in addition to a smaller overdub room and 2:nd controlroom where our clients can work parallel with the main studio. When recording here, we offer you some of the best gear available, digital and classic analog equipment and top brand microphones. We also have some backline including a drumkit for those of you who can't bring your own equipment. Please contact us for more info.

When we mix your songs we can assure you that we will treat your recorded music in the best possible way, and you are more than welcome to join and share your thoughts! If you can ́t attend during the mix process we will keep you updated online.

We also offer mastering with the best analog/digital gear to treat your music right! Just make sure you are happy with your mix and we will take care of the rest. The turnaround time is usually about one week.


We are working with clients from all over the world:
King of Asgard - Lord Belial - At The Gates - Soulreaper - Wildside - Sothis - The Embodied - Lonewolf - Chaoswave - Hammerfall - Mistweaver - Evergrey - Falconer - Tulus - Nefarium - Ascension - Desert - Tears of Glory - Healer of God - Eastern Front - Hieronymus Bosch - Opera Diabolicus - Darzamat - Falconer - Dreamland - Scarlet Violet - Eidolon - Dragonland - Einherjer - King Diamond - Katana - Tyrantz Empire - Melechesh - Morifade - Albatross - Necrocurse - Sandalinas - Bellfast - Shining - Snowy Shaw - Kill Ritual - In Flames - Headsic - Tsjuder - Heavydeath - VoodooGods - StoneGriff - Below - Trial - Zele - Critical Solution - Runemagick - Astroqueen and many, many more…

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